Math for Humanities

Effat University Home Assessment #2 SPRING 2021 INSTRUCTOR NAME: Dr. Nema Salem COURSE NAME: Math for Humanities COURSE NUMBER: GMTH 141H SECTION: 02 NUMBER OF PAGES: 1 NUMBER OF QUESTIONS: 1 Total Grade: 10 Student Name: ——————————-Student ID#. : ——————————– Course Title : Math for Humanities Course No. : GMTH 141H Date & Time : April, 2021 Court : Home Assessment Instructor’s Name: Dr. Nema Salem Instructor’s Signature: 1 Effat University Home Assessment #2 SPRING 2021 Question Dear students: Submit a report on the solid shapes. What are they? How to measure their volumes, Give a real-life problem in which these solids are used. Enrich your report by fancy pictures. Don’t share with other students. 2
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