radius of the circle

1. Solve the equation 2y+ – 7y+ +3 = 0. [5] 2. O The diagram shows the circle with equation x² + y2 – 8x – 6y–20 = 0. (1) Find the centre and radius of the circle. [3] The circle crosses the positive x-axis at the point A. (ü) Find the equation of the tangent to the circle at A. [6] (iii) A second tangent to the circle is parallel to the tangent at A. Find the equation of this second tangent. [3] (iv) Another circle has centre at the origin O and radius r. This circle lies wholly inside the first circle. Find the set of possible values of r. [2] 3. Express the following in the form 2. (i) (29=27)3 (i) 5×4$+3x 166 [2] [3]
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