Breakout Room Session

Math 4A Summer 2021 Part 1 of Midterm Wk 04 Day 02 June 29, 2021 (50 total points possible) Breakout Room # ________ Members : ______________________________________________________________________________________ In midterm part 1, I do not need to see the work. I assumed that the Breakout Room Session has discussed the work and computations and reached a consensus as to what to submit. Be sure that each of you in the room understand the concepts and can explain back to one another how the answers were determined, and a consensus reached. Learn and be prepared for Thursday. There are 6 problems on the midterm. Each problem is worth 10 points. I will take the 5 highest scores from the six problems for the total score for part 1. You may do all six problems if you like, so there will be a cushion of one problem that your group may choose

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