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University of Florida Chapter 3 Population vs Food Supply Graph Discussion Post


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There are two team questions in the “exploration” section at the end of Chapter 3 in “Finite Mathematics”. Each question has multiple parts so you should find a way to contribute supporting evidence, graphs, arguments, etc. for either of the questions and either sides of the possible issue. As your response for the week the class should be using the evidence that was posted to try to wrap up a summary of the issue.

Two questions from teams discussion:

1. Find a graph that illustrates population and another that illustrates food production or availability. Make sure the two graphs are for the same population (whatever population you choose). Where do these two graphs intersect? Does that “solution” imply that the population should or should not have sufficient food?

2. Find graphs or equations that illustrate two of either women’s wages, overall wages, and/or men’s wages over time in the same type of jobs. Analyze the data to see if genders appear to be paid the same amount for the same job. Is the experience considered in the data? Find a study comparing men’s and women’s pay and look at the information used to determine if other variables are held constant within the study so that the results are a true comparison of men and women in the same job with the same education and experience.