linear growth pattern exponential

Week 2 Quiz 1). In the CH 4 video entitled “Example 6: Cost of a Car”, how much would Jorge save in 5 years if he bought the new hybrid? Group of answer choices $14,362.50 $1,072.50 715 gallons $3 per gallon 2). In the CH 4 video entitled “Example 5: Monthly Compounding Interest”, how much interest was earned on $4,000 compounded monthly given the other terms in the video? Group of answer choices $4,509.41 seconds $509.31 $502.04 $4,502.04 3). In the CH 8 video entitled “Example 3: Are We Growing Logistically?” the world population is expected to level out at 12 billion if the population continues to follow a Group of answer choices logistic growth pattern linear growth pattern exponential growth pattern polynomial growth pattern 4). In the CH 4 video entitled “Example 3: The Federal Debt”, how much would each American owe if the 2017 Federal debt were divided evenly? Group of answer choices $6,200 $62,000 $325 million $20 trillion 5). In the CH 4 video entitled “Example 4: Credit Card Debt”, what monthly payment was needed to pay off the card balance in one year? Group of answer choices $2,200 24% 12 months $208.03
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