Math 244F7

Math 244F7, Summer 2021 Quiz 3 Name: No calculators may be used on this quiz. You may not communicate with any other individual, directly or indirectly. (You may ask me a question, if necessary.) You may consult your own notes, but no other resource. All necessary steps towards a solution must be shown — if an answer comes out of nowhere, it matters very little whether it is correct. On your paper, please write and sign the following honor pledge: “On my honor, I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this assignment.” 1. Consider the DE pey´x ` yq ` pxey´x ` 1q dy “ 0. dx a) (4 pts) Show that this DE is not exact. b) (12 pts) Turn this DE into an exact equation with the use of an appropriate integrating factor, and then solve.
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