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radio, music, are clearly visible for the duration of the exam. I permitted during the exam. Using graphing/CAS calculators, cell phones, other electronics, external apps/websites may result in a zero and reporting for academic misconduct. If you experience technical difficulties, you should contact Proctorio support immediately (click on the shield icon near the upper right corner of the browser). The instructor will be available in the class meeting room on Zoom (NOT the meeting room for office hours). Please join the class meeting room if you cannot reconnect to the exam quickly. Ending the Exam: The exam will end after 70 minutes or at 7:50pm (whichever comes first). After closing the exam, do not edit your written work (this may be considered academic misconduct). Upload your written work as a single PDF file under Assignments, “Exam 5 Submission within 10 minutes of submitting your exam. Class resumes at 8:10pm. Good luck! Question 1 20 pts Short Answer. Find each of the following. Type your answers in Canvas next to each part of the problem. Numerical answers are integers. Type “u” for undefined, “t” for positive infinity (), or “-1″ for negative infinity (). (No partial credit, work is not required.) – dx b) ” ſi »4 oſ In 3 4ex dx 3 dx Vi d) The average value of f(x) = x2 on [2, 4]. MacBook Air 80 888 DI DD F7 F10 F11 F12 3 // و/ 4 % 5 & * 00 C 9 O Il delete R C T Y с o P { [ } ] F G Н. J K L C V B N V M. ? க command option Question 2 Evaluate each of the following integrals. 2 / xe x²e* dx x2 + 1 o» [ * +3x+1 -dx x3 + 3x + 1 Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt v Paragraph Β Ι Ο Αν 2 – T²v MacBook Air FA F 5 F7 DI F8 4 % 5 F9 6 & 7 * 00 R T Y U O E G H J K L V В. N M Qo ( P 84: O words Question 3 15 pts a) Use R4 to approximate Jo xdx. Simplify your answer. b) Express sxºdx as a limit of right sums. (You do not need to evaluate the sum/limit) Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt V Paragraph v B I V Tv MacBook Air 80 F3 888 FA F5 F7 DI F8 DD F F10 F11 F12 3 4 % 5 & 7 8 ( 9 + E R T T Y U O P [ } 1 D F G H. IL K L С V B N. A M. ? • V I command option O words < р Question 4 15 pts The marginal profit, in dollars per unit, of a company is given by P'(x) = 10 + e-0.01%, where x is number of units sold. If the profit is $0 when 0 units are sold, find the profit when 20 units are sold. Round your answer to the nearest cent. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12ptv Paragraph Β Ι Ο Α ev T2 v MacBook Air 8 808 mo F5 DI F7 F8 F9 F10 $ F11 T: 4. % 5 * ( 6 & 7 7 8 9 ) 0 E Il + R T Y U O P { [ F G H J К. L V B N M. > ? command option р O words < Question 5 15 pts Find the area of the region(s) bounded between f(x) = x2 – x and g(x) = x for 0 < x < 3. Simplify your answer. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt v Paragraph | Β Ι Ο ve Tv MacBook Air 80 F3 888 F5 DI DD F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F 12 % 5 * 4 T: $1 & & 7 ( 8 + 9 R T Т. Y U O P { [ F G H J K L V B N M. < Л ? H I ㄷ command option O words D Question 6 15 pts Suppose the price-demand function for a good is given by p = D(x) = 10 – 0.01×2 and the price-supply function is given by p = S(x) = 4 + 0.5x. Round answers to 2 decimal places as needed. a) Find the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity. b) Find the consumers’ surplus. c) Find the producers’ surplus. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12ptv Paragraph Β Ι Ο ve Tv MacBook Air 80 Q00 000 F4 F3 DIL F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 $ % & * 4. 5 7 8 9 // + R T Y U I O Р F G I J K L С V B N. M. I command option
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