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INSTRUCTIONS All work and answers must be typed up using Microsoft Word. O For full points, equations must be typed up using the equation editor. O All formulas used and steps taken to solve each problem must be shown. You must explain in your own words how you set up the problem, simplified it, and arrived at your answer in complete sentences. All answers must be restated as complete sentences that tie back to the original question with the correct units. Fundraising Problem Noel is fundraising for her dance group by selling candles and tubs of cookie dough. • She manages to sell 18 candles and 23 tubs of cookie dough for a total of $369.85 on her first day of sales. The second day she ends up selling more. She sells 25 candles and 30 tubs of cookie dough for a total of $493.75. Question #1 Create two equations Using the prompt on the previous slide, create two equations. Include the following in your explanation: List the variables you will use and define what they represent. Using those two variables, create two equations which fit the fundraising scenario on the previous slide. Include an explanation on how you created those equations. Question #2 Determine the cost of a candle and the cost of a tub of cookie dough. Solve the system of equations you created in question #1. Use the following guidelines: You may only use the elimination or substitution to solve the system. ALL steps must be shown and explanations must be given for ALL steps. The answers should be written in complete sentences and rounded to 2 decimal places with the correct units. Question #3 Check Your Work Check your answers by plugging BOTH answers back into BOTH equations. Hint: You are not solving in this problem. Instead, you are only simplifying and checking that your answers work in both of the equations from question #1.
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