fictitious financial status

Math 102 Project #2 – Home Sweet Home Due: Friday, July 30th This project is worth 100 points. 10 Points per day will be deducted for being late!!! Below is a summary of your fictitious financial status. This lists your gross monthly income, monthly liabilities in which you have more than 10 months of remaining payments, and your total savings. Gross Monthly Income Monthly Liabilities $300 Student Loan Payments $9000 $700 Car Payment Savings $65,000 You will be exploring two loan options for the property you select: LOAN OPTIONS Loan 1 Required Down Payment 15% Interest Rate 4% 15 years Term fixed yes : 2 points Points (2%) Loan 2 20% 3% 30 years fixed yes : 3 points (3%) A. You will have to use the internet for this project. You can use any of several real estate websites. I recommend using either or Those are great sites, because they have such a large selection of homes, but you can use others. B. You are to select a home for

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