Budget Project

MTH 154: Project – Yearly Budget Project Directions: Construct a budget sheet that assists you in analyzing your financial status, set goals, make changes, whatever the case may be. This project will have more meaning to you the more it reflects your real life. You can use this to create a budget for your future life based on your plans of a future job, future housing, expenses, etc. I assure you that, should you choose to include personal values, I will be assessing your work only on if it was accurately represented and interpreted. Please work to be realistic so you can gain from the experience. There will never be any judgement made on my part nor any information shared out. Your sheet should address both regular and unexpected monthly expenses, necessities and luxuries, and any debts/savings plans. Your first sheet should create a baseline budget of your expenses (list what you spend/think you will spend each month for each category without regard

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