Circuit Analysis I

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNICAL STUDIES Subject Name: Circuit Analysis I (GPEE0102) Student name as per last qualifying mark sheet Enrolment Number Course Name Semester Applied For Subject Name Subject Code Examination Start Date Answer sheet Submission Date Guidelines for Students: • Please ensure to solve all the questions in series • Please do not copy paste answers as Plagiarism report will be generated by faculty and marks will be deducted accordingly • Please write proper descriptive answers keeping into account the marks weightage • Please highlight more relevant case studies and practice examples • Please submit the answer sheet in either pdf or word format • Please submit the answer sheets before the due date to avoid any kind of rejection of submission • Answer sheets have to be compulsorily submitted through the portal. Any kind of offline submission will not be allowed • In case of hand written answer sheet submission, please be assured of sober writing and cleanliness of answer sheet • In case of numerical and diagrammatical representation please be up to the mark Total Marks-100 1 ❖ Answer all 5 questions.(each question carries 20 marks) 1. Use Laplace transform to solve the initial value problem 2. (a) Find the Laplace transform of the periodic function whose graph is shown (b) Derive the condition for maximum power transfer and explain maximum power transfer theorem. 3. (a) What do you mean by power triangle? Explain active, reactive and apparent power with example. (b)Explain superposition theorem using an example. 4. (a)Explain the concept of current division in a circuit/ (b) Explain the different kinds of symmetry in non-sinusoidal waves. 5.(a) Find expression for step response of R-L series circuit. (b) Explain thevnin’s theorem using an example. ALL THE BEST 2
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