Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

2. Use geometry (not Riemann sums or antiderivatives) to evaluate the definite integral: (1 1 C + V16 – 2) dc. 2 3. Use antiderivative (the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus) to evaluate . Ava vo dx. Each problem is worth 2 points. Show all your work. 1. Use a Riemann sum with regular partition, left end-points and n = 4 to approximate the area under the graph of the function f(x) and above the interval (a, b): f(x) = 1 1 2 C; [a, b] = {0,2). Illustrate by a graph, and use the graph to determine whether the Riemann sum is an overestimate or an underestimate of the true area.
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